Lefresh 100% organic cotton sanitary pads and liners. A woman’s formula for the healthiest sanitary pad in the world.
No toxic junk
Always True and Honest

We insist on using USDA certified raw material, sustainable manufacturing and we minimize the use of plastic in our packaging and printing.

Lefresh abstains from using chlorine bleaching or fluorescent whitening agents. We use peroxide instead to make cleaner and safer products.

Lefresh is free of chemical fertilizers, spray insecticide, pesticides, artificial fragrance and chemical toxins.

Our founders are mothers who are concerned about not only their health, but also the health of their daughters…and the health of the environment.

These days, nothing in our lives is 100% risk-free. But as a mom myself, I know better than anyone about the risks of toxic materials and the importance of using high-quality materials.

Using only 100% certified organic cotton grown in Texas, Lefresh’s wide range of pads and panty liners have a top sheet of organic, hypo-allergenic cotton, a breathable absorbent layer and non-toxic, chemical-free adhesive. Even Lefresh’s packaging has been carefully considered. Each pad’s wrapper is made of non-woven fabric that has no printing to ensure additional chemicals from the manufacturing process are avoided. 

A woman will use more than 11,000 feminine care products throughout her life. That’s 11,000 opportunities to introduce unnatural chemicals into her body. As conscientious consumers, we look at the label of the food we eat but how close do we look at the ingredients of the feminine care products that came into contact with some of the most sensitive and absorbent skin on our bodies? Now, thanks to Lefresh, women can feel confident about the safety of their sanitary products.

Lefresh is committed to helping all women live healthy lives. Lefresh understands the importance of using only natural ingredients in products that touch our “lady parts.” Lefresh’s products are dermatologist-tested and have been independently tested for 100 harmful substances by OEKO-TEX in Switzerland and certified as safe in six countries. Lefresh’s pads and liners are dependable protection that are kinder to your body and kinder to the environment.